Christina Mrozik

​I met Christina at a Modern Eden at an opening reception in 2013. She was showing there with Caitlin Hackett, a fellow amazing artist and dear friend of mine. The next day I was invited along with these artists to draw at the Science Academy in San Francisco. Since then, Christina and I have kept up through various social media sites and sporadic long conversations over the phone. So naturally, when I thought of who would be great to talk to as our first podcast style interview I thought of Christina.
You might have seen her work before in the Weekly blog posts, Stay Curious and Make it Honest.

A bit about Christina Mrozik

I am from the Midwest, making my way through life with a pen in hand and a slew of good company. Every Sunday I go to a documentary club where we watch movies and follow them with discussions about theology, ideologies, creativity and beauty. I like going for walks, when the air is cold but your coat is warm, and I know when I get back inside that a cup of cocoa will help melt away the frustrations of the day. I’m in a constant battle, searching for the median between a growing heart and a still spirit. I love drawing, and singing, and I wish there was time for reading, but everything I love seems to be slow and take a lot of time and investment, so I hope someday there will be time for more. My art is primarily about the inter-connectivity of all things, and story, and balance. When I grow up I hope I remember how to be a kid.
Materials: Pen, ink, newsprint, scrapbook paper, watercolor, lace, fur, paper clay, beads, energy, naps, movies and books on tape.
Interests: Bones, collections, old photographs, Oriental rugs, thunder storms, locally grown food, dinosaur exhibitions, flea markets, magazine stands, good coffee, dead bugs, goose eggs.

Podcast Tour with Christina Mrozik

You’ll see bellow is a variety of images that Christina and I talk about. Next to each image is an audio file. This file corresponds with the image. Christina gives us an artist tour directly about that piece of work. The text around the images are transcribed “highlights” of that interview section. (Just in case you are unable to listen in.)

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