Drowsy Truck Drivers: An Accident Waiting to Happen

Hours of service are a set of regulations that govern the working hours of truck drivers. Trucking companies sometimes force drivers to violate these hours of service rules to make more trips. Drivers become too tired due to overworking.

Fatigue can lead to serious accidents. This is one of the main reasons why truck drivers are advised to rest whenever they feel tired. You need to get the help of professionals, like the truck accident attorneys at Fuicelli & Lee, if you have been a victim of a truck accident. 

But why is drowsiness so serious when it comes to truck driving? Let’s find out.

What are the Effects of Fatigue in Truck Driving?

Driving a truck is far more than managing a machine; it is also a matter of focus and responsiveness. Fatigue is perhaps the most significant risk associated with this activity. Fatigue affects the body, vision becomes blurry, muscles weaken, and the reaction becomes slower.

Professional handling of a truck requires the maximum focus and physical strength of a person; a lack of concentration costs the driver a lot. Brains working on exhaustion, as well as intoxication, reduce reaction speed. Attention deficits reduce safety and increase the risk of injury.

Tiredness also affects mood because this state provokes increased irritability and impatience. 

The effects of truck driver fatigue are similar to those of intoxication. They all have dire consequences. For this reason, adhering to regulations and prioritizing rest is crucial. It helps safeguard against the hazards of fatigue and ensures safer roads for all.

Why Do Truck Drivers Experience Fatigue?

Truck drivers often get tired because of many things that only they face. Bad sleeping habits and problems, like sleep apnea, wreck the rest they need, making them tired when they work. Night drives and weird sleep times make it worse, making drivers sleep at strange times and places.

Long times spent driving alone make for loneliness and dullness. Also, quick fixes like coffee or sweets may cause energy to drop fast, making the tiredness worse. Hard work for the body and mind from the job, plus tough demands from bosses, creates more stress. 

Things like being overweight and sleeping oddly raise the chance of getting sleep-related conditions. Working on these things and helping drivers live healthier are key to keeping them and the roads safe.

What Should You Do if a Drowsy Driver Caused Your Truck Accident?


If you end up in a bad spot because a tired truck driver crashes into you, it’s important to get a lawyer’s help. They can determine who and what led to the accident by conducting thorough research. They look closely at clues for signs the driver is sleepy, like breaking hours of service rules or having health issues that make them fall asleep.

Your lawyer will lead you through the court steps, fighting for your side against the driver or their company. They will help you get the compensation you deserve. A lawyer can assist the victim in determining negligence, collecting evidence, calculating your losses, and negotiating with the insurance company. They are the key to securing fair compensation.

Final Thoughts

Falling asleep behind the wheel is regarded as a form of reckless driving. Although there is no guarantee that you will get the compensation you deserve, if you can prove that the driver was reckless, it is possible to get compensation. All you need to do is hire an experienced lawyer to help you deal with your case in court. Following an accident, your focus should be on recovering. You can’t do that if you are dealing with the claim. By hiring a lawyer and letting them deal with the insurance adjusters, you can focus on your recovery.

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