Essential Styles of Custom Soap Boxes to Create a Difference

You manufacture your soap using unique and innovative recipes; now it’s time to be creative with your soap boxes.

Brands pay a lot of attention to the vibrant colors, artwork, and imagery of soap packaging, but what about customizing the style of boxes? It helps you build a timeless expression for your brand to effectively communicate with your customers. Every style of soap box packaging has different features that make it distinct from other box’ styles. So, collecting valuable info is important before transforming your product packaging the way you want.

Let’s get started with how you can create a difference with essential styles of custom soap boxes to have an advantage over your competitors. 

Essential Styles of Custom Soap Boxes 

Closed Soap Boxes

These are the most popular types of bar soap packaging boxes, usually made of regular white cardboard or kraft paper. For more product visibility, you can print attractive motifs or other elaborate designs to entice your customers. The following boxes fall into the category of closed soap boxes. 

  • Straight tuck boxes
  • Reverse tuck boxes
  • Lock Bottom Boxes
  • Sleeve and tray boxes

The Lock-bottom option is the most reliable for custom soap boxes, especially when your product needs to cover a longer distance and requires a more secure packaging solution. Moreover, the two-piece boxes have a sleeve and a tray to hold your soaps brilliantly. 

These custom printed soap boxes are highly functional when it comes to stackability on retail shelves, protecting the product during transit and printing relevant details about the nature of your valuable soaps. 

Soap Boxes with Display Windows or Cut-Outs

As these boxes are entirely closed, your customers cannot peek inside the boxes. But, when you have a colorful soap with an amazing pattern, there is no point hiding it in closed soap boxes. It is important to place them inside soap boxes with PVC windows.

Your customers will not only experience the soothing and relaxing smell of your soap but also look at the catchy design on them. It will be enough to persuade the buyer to make a well-rounded purchase decision by using lower cognitive assets. The die-cut window could also be any style, depending on your soap and brand name, including round, rectangular, oval, or other custom shapes.  

Belly Band Packaging 

Belly band packaging is also known as wrap-around band soap packaging. It’s the most recommended packaging for small soap businesses that have limited budgets while determined to provide a better unboxing experience to their customers. You just need to measure the perimeter of your soaps and select the packaging material, including natural brown kraft or bleached white kraft. 

As this packaging does not cover the whole of your product, protection will be the main concern when you use belly band packaging to sell your soaps. 

Paper pouches

Paper or pouches – the simplest sort of soap packaging – where you wrap the paper around your soap and put it inside the pouch. This soap packaging is available in various textures, patterns, and colors. Most of the time, paper pouches are made of sustainable kraft paper that leaves no harmful effect when degraded into the soil after use. 

To retain the printing colors for longer on the paper pouches soap packaging, you need to use varnish, aqueous coating, UV coating, etc, as finishing options. 

Pillow shape boxes

Many notable brands use these soap packaging boxes wholesale because of their trendy and cost-effective features. You can personalize every aspect of pillow soap boxes from size to design. When it comes to the packaging materials, E-flutes, bux board, and cardstock with high-end finishing are usually used to curate these custom soap packaging boxes. 

A Rigid Box With Lid

For luxury soap packaging boxes, you can use rigid boxes with a flip-open lid that are easily stacked on the retail shelves. Rigid boxes have lids facing outward, which means your customers can scrutinize the quality of soap from its opening side. To add more grace to the elegance of the rigid soap boxes, choose various colors of ribbon closures to change your soap boxes into gift boxes. 


Present your soap with a trendy style of custom soap packaging boxes as they bring your product visibility to another level. It attracts more customers to your soaps, who will be ready to buy them when they interact with them through custom windows.

Need more help? Walk us through your brand vision, and our packaging experts will bring your ideas to life with the assistance of the latest packaging and printing technology from Half Price Packaging. 

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