How can I track someone’s activity on Instagram?

Instagram, a platform widely used by teenagers and young adults, is not without its risks. While it’s a popular space for sharing content, it’s also a platform where interactions with strangers for entertainment purposes can occur, raising concerns about safety and security.

As a parent, your concern about your teen’s Instagram activities is valid. To ensure their safety, you must understand that you can only view someone’s Instagram activity if they post something. Their likes and conversations are invisible unless you use a trusted Instagram monitoring service. This proactive approach can also help you learn how to check who your spouse is messaging on Instagram, ensuring the security of your relationship. I would also like to point out that there are special Website that go deeper into such topics.

Why It Might Be Important?

Around 96% of teenagers keep secrets from their parents. The issue isn’t about dishonesty but concerns teens being influenced by negative influences. Many teens and even children experience cyberbullying through media platforms.

Instagram is also used by adults engaging in infidelity. They may disable message notifications on Instagram to avoid detection. However, their secretive behavior, with their phone, could be a flag regardless of their efforts to hide it.

Sometimes, employers may find it necessary to monitor their employee’s Instagram usage to ensure they are not divulging company information and are following the workplace code of conduct. In a partner or employer role, you may have reason to monitor another person’s Instagram activity.

How to Find Out What Someone Likes on Instagram

Instagram is a platform for sharing photos. Users have control over who can see their posts, and besides their content, no one can see their activity on the platform.

They may have interests that are not publicly shared. You cannot view what they like, who they interact with, or what they are browsing without accessing their Instagram account. If you have access to their account, you can check their activity in the account settings. For real-time monitoring of someone’s Instagram, using a spy app like Phonsee is the effective option.

Phonsee App for IOS and Android

Phonsee stands out as a spy app offering features such as keylogging and screen recording. With screen recording capabilities, you can not track the user’s Instagram usage. You can also monitor activities on various other social media platforms, like Kik, Line, Viber, Telegram, Hangouts, Facebook, Tinder, Snapchat, Discord, and Skype.

Other than that, you can also:

● Track their location through GPS tracking

● Access and read their emails

● Monitor their calls and messages

● Monitor Instagram activity

● Get access to their contacts

● Access their browsing history

● Block inappropriate apps

● Block inappropriate websites

● Record their screen

● Set a blacklist of keywords

● Get notified every time any keyword on the list is typed

The best part about Phonsee is that, unlike other spy apps, it is compatible with older Android and IOS smartphones. So, no matter which phone you’re tracking, Phonsee has you covered!

Phonsee Pricing – What’s the Cost?

Phonsee provides three subscription options, all with features and capabilities. The only difference lies in the duration of the subscription. The longer you subscribe, the the cost.

● Option 1 (Monthly)—This plan offers a discounted rate of $42.51 for the month. However, subsequent renewals will be charged at the rate of $68.56 per month.

● Option 2 (3 Months)—The second plan is discounted for a 3-month period, charging $24.79 per month instead of the regular $39.99 for a 3-month package.

● Option 3 (12 Months) – The annual plan comes with savings starting at $8.85 monthly for the subscription period. Upon renewal, it increases to $14.27 per month on the plan.

Tips to Protect Your Online Activity

Now that you’ve learned how to monitor someone’s Instagram activity there’s one aspect to consider carefully.

If you have obtained the user’s Instagram password through a screen recording using the Phonsee app, you can access their account. Manage their actions. However, it’s important to be cautious as their friends may notice your presence if they send messages while you are logged in.

To maintain privacy in situations, follow these steps:

  • Visit the profile section and tap on the three lines located at the right corner.
  • Next, click on the gear-shaped icon, for settings.
  • In the settings menu, navigate to Privacy > Activity Status.
  • Disable the option labeled “Show activity status” to ensure your online status remains hidden from others viewing their Instagram account.


Teenagers often use platforms like Instagram and various social media applications to stay connected with their friends. However, there is a concern about behaviors that parents should keep an eye on. This article shares insights on how one can monitor Instagram activity without alerting the person, highlighting the Phonsee app as a reliable solution for comprehensive monitoring to ensure the safety of your loved ones.

In summary while monitoring Instagram usage may be warranted in circumstances it is crucial to approach it with responsibility respecting privacy boundaries and ethical considerations. Prioritizing communication, building trust and providing education on safety are key elements, in guiding young users through their social media interactions.

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