New York to Florida Car Shipping- Tips To Move Car Smoothly

When planning to ship your car, you must select reliable car transport services and the right shipping methods to ship your car from New York to Florida. We know car shipping can sometimes be stressful and challenging, but don’t worry. This article will help you ship your car smoothly, and you can choose the best car shipping services. Here in this article, we have covered everything you need to know about New York to Florida car shipping, and we have also given tips.

Ship Car From New York To Florida

Whether you have purchased a vehicle from New York and want to transport it to Florida or move from New York to Florida, you must choose a trustworthy auto transport company with expertise in New York and Florida car shipping. 

When it comes to transportation, the first thing you need to know about the car shipping process is that you have to choose the right shipping company and consider many things before you schedule the shipment of your car. Auto transport companies have an experienced team who will handle the shipment of your car. In this article, you will learn more about New York auto shipping.

New York to Florida Car Shipping Process

We know that car shipping is not easy. You may feel stressed if you are relocating and want to transport your vehicle with all the other stuff. But don’t worry. You can make the shipping process stress-free and book the shipment of your vehicle easily by following a few steps. Follow these steps to enjoy hassle-free and smooth car shipping services and safely have your car shipped to your address.

  • Get an Auto Transport Quote

The first step in the shipment process is to contact the company and provide them with the details of your vehicle, including contact details, vehicle details, shipping methods, and the date and time of shipping.

You will get the auto transport quote as soon as you submit the details. Once you have received the quotes, as per your expectations, schedule the shipment of your vehicle.

  • Get Ready With Your Vehicle

On the day of shipping, you must prepare your vehicle before loading it into a trailer. This will not only help you transport your car without any disturbances but also help you notice any prior damage and condition of your vehicle.

  • Get Your Vehicle picked up

On the day of the shipment, the driver will come along with its trailer, inspect your vehicle, and then load it for the shipment.

  • Get Your Vehicle Delivered

Once the driver reaches your delivery location, he will contact you to verify the delivery address and then deliver your vehicle to your address. You must then do the final inspection of your vehicle. 

Different Types Of New York To Florida Shipping Services

When it comes to shipping a car from New York to Florida, you will get a lot of shipping services. Auto transport companies offer different types of shipping services, and you have to choose as per your vehicle’s needs and your budget. Below, we have shared a list of the few most important car shipping services, and they are the following

  • Open transport
  • Enclosed transport
  • Door to Door delivery 
  • Terminal to Terminal
  • Expedited shipping
  • Cross country shipping
  • Military shipping
  • Student vehicle shipping
Shipping Services Uses
Open car transport The vehicle will be shipped in an open trailer, the cheapest way to ship a car.
Enclosed car transport The vehicle will be shipped in an enclosed trailer, which is expensive car transport.
Door to Door shipping The vehicle will be picked up and delivered to the doorstep of your address.
Terminal to Terminal shipping The vehicle will be picked up from the terminal points and then dropped off at the terminal point.
Military car shipping It is the best method for those who belong to the armed forces.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car?

The cost of shipping a car from New York to Florida depends on several factors. Usually, the cost will be between $350 and $1500, or sometimes more, depending on several factors. Below, we have shared a list of the factors that affect the shipping cost.

  • The cost will depend on the vehicle model, size, weight, and type of vehicle you are shipping, such as a luxury vehicle or large or heavy vehicle.
  • The shipping distance from your pickup location to the delivery location will be calculated to determine the shipping cost.
  • Transport type- open transport is more cost-effective than enclosed transport.
  • Shipping route and location- Rural shipping will cost more than urban shipping.
  • Seasonal time and demands- peak season shipping will cost more because of its increased demand.

How Long Does It Takes To Ship A Car?

  • Weather conditions
  • Type of the transport
  • Shipping demands
  • Route traffic and its construction
  • Pickup and delivery location

The time taken for the shipment does not include the pickup and delivery times, and the auto transport company will share the delivery updates as soon as the shipment starts.

Ship Your Car Smoothly

  • Select a reliable company and verify their license, registration number, etc.
  • Choose enclosed transport and door to door delivery services.
  • Shp your vehicle during the off-season.
  • Plan and schedule the shipment in advance.
  • Look for the shipping services and the insurance coverage.
  • Inspect your vehicle before and after the delivery.

How To Transport Your Luxury Vehicles?

Do you own a luxury car and are looking for transportation for it? When it comes to shipping luxury cars, the safety of a vehicle is the top priority, and many people are wondering about the safest way to ship luxury vehicles.

One of the best and safest ways to transport luxury vehicles is to choose enclosed transport, which offers high protection and security to your vehicles. Enclosed trailers are specially designed to ship luxury vehicles, exotic cars, sports, and classic cars. Enclosed transport offers several benefits.

Prepare Your Car For The Shipment

When you are planning to ship your valuable vehicle, you need to prepare your car for the shipment. Here are some points that you need to consider when you are shipping your car.

  • You have to get ready with the car documents and your vehicle.
  • Clean and wash your vehicle from inside to outside.
  • Check the condition of the car. If it’s not running, inform the auto transport company.
  • Remove all the personal belongings.
  • Disable the car alarms and reduce the level of the fuel tank.
  • Check your vehicle’s battery and tires and ensure the condition of your car.
  • Have your vehicle’s spare keys ready before shipping.
  • Inspect your car before and after the delivery.

Choose The Trustworthy Auto Transport Company

Before you plan the shipment, it is most important that you choose a trustworthy auto transport company and verify it. Below are a few important points to consider when looking for an auto transport company.

  • Check for the registration number and verify whether the company is licensed or not.
  • You have to ensure whether the company is experienced or not.
  • Look for the company’s website and verify their details and services.
  • Read the customer reviews.
  • Read the shipping contract and the terms and conditions of the company carefully.
  • Look for the shipping services and the payment methods.


We hope this article has helped you. Now that you are very clear about the car shipping service, you will choose the best and safest car shipping services for your New York to Florida car shipping. First, you have to choose a reliable auto transport company, and then you have to choose the best car shipping services for shipping your car from New York to Florida.