Top Native Ads Platforms in 2024: Features, Benefits, and Best Practices

Native advertising is something like a magic spell that allows you to get into users’ minds by overcoming the barrier of banner blindness without disturbing the beast slumbering in everyone who is annoyed by pushy advertising. However, using this spell requires caution. Therefore, it is best to resort to the help of special platforms, each of which offers something unique with interesting features and more advanced ways to attract the necessary audience. By 2024, we’ve got a lot of great platforms for native advertising. This quick guide will show you the best ones, what makes them shine, and some neat tricks to make your campaigns really stand out.

1. Taboola

Features and Benefits

Taboola is perhaps one of the most well-known platforms for customizing advertising campaigns of many kinds. It will provide you with a number of benefits when you use it, such as:


Wide Reach: Access to over 1.4 billion unique monthly visitors.

Advanced Targeting: Behavioral, contextual, and demographic targeting.

AI-Powered Personalization: Machine learning algorithms optimize ad placements for higher engagement.

Flexible Formats: In-feed ads, recommendation widgets, video ads, and more.

Best Practices

Maximize your A/B testing with Taboola to fine-tune your ads for better engagement. Investing in high-quality, engaging content is key to drawing in more viewers and boosting your ROI. Also, don’t overlook the mobile crowd; a mobile-friendly experience is essential, as a significant portion of Taboola’s audience browses on their phones.

2. Outbrain

Features and Benefits

Outbrain is another well-known platform in its field. It is known for its extraordinary content discovery tools. The most interesting tools are probably the following:


Premium Publisher Network: Partnerships with top-tier publishers like CNN, BBC, and The Guardian.

Smartfeed Technology: Personalized content recommendations that drive higher engagement.

Conversion Optimization: Tools to track and optimize conversions, not just clicks.

Native Video Ads: Engaging video ad formats integrated seamlessly into content feeds.

Best Practices

For an engaging native advertising campaign, it’s all about making those first impressions count. Start with a headline that turns heads — it’s your first step to boosting those click-through rates. Don’t skimp on visuals either; high-quality images can make or break your ad’s appeal. And remember, keeping an eye on how your ads perform isn’t just helpful; it’s essential. Regular checks on your campaign’s metrics let you fine-tune your strategy, ensuring your creatives and targeting stay on point for the best results.

3. SmartyAds

Features and Benefits

SmartyAds is a relatively young star in the skies of advertising platforms, but it has already gained the respect and love of many users. The platform is especially recognized for its user-friendly interface, but there are other advantages that can separate it from other native ads platforms:


Programmatic Buying: Automated media buying processes that ensure efficient ad placement.

Cross-Device Targeting: Reach users across multiple devices with synchronized ad experiences.

Advanced Analytics: Detailed insights and performance tracking for continuous optimization.

Dynamic Ad Formats: Versatile ad formats, including in-feed, in-article, and recommendation widgets.

Best Practices

Get smart with SmartyAds: Automate your ad placements to save time and improve results. Keep your ads friendly and engaging to boost user experience. Use SmartyAds’ analytics to always be in the loop and tweak your campaigns for the best performance.

4. Revcontent

Features and Benefits

Revcontent is well-known for its easy-to-use platform that really draws people in. What stands out are its main features:


Engagement-Driven Network: Focus on high-quality placements that drive user engagement.

Granular Targeting Options: Detailed targeting capabilities, including device, location, and interest-based targeting.

Customizable Widgets: Highly customizable ad widgets that blend seamlessly with publisher sites.

Real-Time Analytics: In-depth analytics to track performance and optimize campaigns on the go.

Best Practices

Make your content feel personal! It’s important to tailor your messages and content to appeal directly to the different groups of people you’re trying to reach. Keep things interesting by updating your ads regularly. This helps avoid boredom and keeps your audience engaged. Don’t forget about those who have shown interest before; use retargeting strategies to bring them back into the fold.


Features and Benefits

MGID is a great option if you need a variety of advertising formats in native advertising. The platform is designed to deliver tangible results in a timely manner, and the following features contribute greatly to this:


Performance-Based Pricing: Flexible pricing models including CPC (cost-per-click) and CPA (cost-per-action).

Deep Dive Targeting: The platform zeroes in on demographics, location, and user behavior to ensure it reaches the ideal audience.

Tailored Content Suggestions: Thanks to AI, the platform selects content that perfectly matches the audience’s preferences, keeping engagement levels high.

Best Practices

Don’t forget to play around with different types of ads, like the ones that pop up in your feed, those suggestion boxes, and even native videos, to see what your audience really digs. It’s super crucial to know exactly what you’re aiming for conversion-wise and to use MGID’s cool features to sharpen your strategy and hit those goals. Plus, looking into cross-device tracking info can really open your eyes to how users behave across different gadgets, helping you tweak your targeting to connect better with your audience.

6. Yahoo Native

Features and Benefits

Yahoo Native may not seem like an obvious choice, but it is quite good, especially when combined with other Yahoo offerings. Let’s take a look at what exactly is good about this platform.


Integrated Platform: Seamless integration with Yahoo’s ecosystem, including Mail, Finance, and News.

Native Video Ads: Engaging video ad formats that autoplay in users’ content feeds.

Advanced Targeting: Audience targeting using Yahoo’s proprietary data and insights.

Enhanced Reporting: Detailed performance reports with actionable insights.

Best Practices

Make sure your ads complement the content they’re shown with. It’s all about matching the vibe and topic so that it seems natural.


Dive deep into Yahoo’s treasure trove of data. Their audience insights can really sharpen your targeting, making your ads hit the mark more often.


Don’t just chase clicks; craft ads that truly engage. Aim for those real connections that go beyond the initial click, driving meaningful interactions and conversions.


All these platforms might seem appealing based on our description, but the hardest task lies ahead of you: figuring out which platform suits you and your business best. No one besides you can fully understand your needs, but you can always seek advice from a professional. These platforms offer consultations regarding their product, so if anything is unclear or you doubt whether a platform will meet your needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with their representatives.


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