Art Camp Spotlight: Tyler Thrasher

Tyler Thrasher is a caver and all-around adventurer who hails from Tulsa, Oklahoma. He also happens to be a modern-day alchemist who crystallizes a fascinating array of insects and bones. His creations blew up on Instagram which perpetuates an image of him as a mad scientist in his chemistry lab feverishly crystallizing cicadas to fill the sea of requests and orders he receives. Never mind the fact that he also moonlights as an electronic music producer! To get to know more about Tyler’s work you can check out Venison’s interview with him in our Summer 2015 issue.

We ask Tyler, “What do you hope to get out of Art Camp?”

As a professional full-time artist, most of my time is spent working alone and only getting critiqued by those readily available during my work. It will be incredibly refreshing to reside in an environment surrounded by creative minds since having graduated college. I’m looking forward to seeing how other creatives think and create. I’m also excited to receive input from a small community of artists and creative thinkers, and see what new ideas come from this series of workshops.

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