Blind Spot at Design Matters, Los Angeles

Blind Spot
Opening Reception | Saturday, December 10, 2–6pm
Opening night performance | Armando Cortes at 3:30pm
Exhibition Dates| Dec 10th to Jan 20th, 2017
Design Matters Gallery
11527 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064
Mon – Fri 9am – 6pmFeatured Artists: Shiva Aliabadi, Jeremy Bailey, Armando Cortes, Matthias Dörfelt, Aaron Giesel, Kang Seung Lee, Lauren McCarthy, Patch Wright
BLIND SPOT is a group show curated by Camella D. Kim presenting eight artists, each working in a distinctive art-making process and sharing a common theme: a ‘blind spot.’ It takes place at Design Matters Gallery in Los Angeles, from December 10th, 2016 to January 21st, 2017.
In the human body, a blind spot refers to an area of the retina where there are no photoreceptors, resulting in an obscuration gap in the visual field. More commonly, a blind spot refers to a small area outside of a vehicle that drivers cannot see. In order to see what is in a blind spot, one must make a small shift in the way they look, alternating his/her/their positioning or gaze to glimpse what is hidden in a blind spot. It does ​not​ mean that what we cannot see does not exist. With this in mind, the show title references a broader, metaphorical notion of the phrase, highlighting that portion of the mind that houses hidden biases​–​: for the artists in their art practice, decision-making and creative process.
​Every artist has a bias about their work and the work of others; in being true to their art-making processes, artists cannot disguise their tastes and aesthetics. In choosing subject matter, materials, and the format by which an artist expresses an idea, image, emotion, or concept, the artist is also expressing their preferences, or, the particular perspective from which these choices are made. Moreover, the notion of a blind spot is also relevant from the viewer’s perspective, as they are unlikely to be informed or exposed to the artists’ processes.
This bias is not an inherently negative quality. In fact, it is often what motivates artists, causing them to delve deeper into their interests and discover different approaches.​ ​Shiva Aliabadi’s ​Safety of Objects  (2016) candidly reveal through ​the use of obscure objects against the readily familiar to highlight a blind spot. ​Circumferencing Circle​ (2015) by Patch Wright reveals hidden space and ‘visible’ space through spatial play ​offering deeper insight into the meaning of privacy or lack thereof. ​Works like Aaron Giesel’s photography series and Kang Seung Lee’s artist book, ​Covers (2015), divulge the ideas often culled from their studio practices.
​Bridging those works are performance and custom software-based pieces by Jeremy Bailey, Armando Cortes, Matthias Dörfelt, and Lauren McCarthy that intentionally and, or inherently embody the invisible or hidden aspects of the art-making– which are ultimately revealed in the final execution of their work. As a whole, BLIND SPOT amalgamates works ranging from ceramics, photography, sculptures, interactive installation, prints, and custom software that expand the definition of the blind spot, exploiting via art-making, the ambivalent blind spot of the human experience.

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