An opening at François Ghebaly Gallery, Los Angeles

Candice Lin recently finished a residency  at the 18th Street Arts Center, an organization I volunteer with and absolutely admire. So of course I had to go to the opening of Lin’s You Are a Spacious Fluid Sac at François Ghebaly Gallery, where she is a returning exhibitor. I came upon so much more than I’d expect and can’t stop thinking about what I saw. Lin has filled the gap between art and anthropology in such a straightforward and beautiful manner. Neither her website, or Ghebaly’s website do it justice; I highly recommend heading down to the gallery to see it for yourself.

Along with Lin, Dan Bayles’ exhibit was quite alluring. Once you step into the gallery, the first thing you’ll see is a wall full of serene colors and images. Bayles work is so different then Lins, but they exhibit well together because each artist provokes wonder.  My friend and I found ourselves trying to guess the titles of these paintings based off of how they made us feel. It’s like he was going to tell us how to feel with each piece we looked at, and he’s really good at it. I can see why Bayles is a returning exhibitor at this gallery. The Apotheosis of Washington is another must see.
The exhibits will be up until October 24th, 2015.
François Ghebaly Gallery
2245 E. Washington Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90021