Review by Danielle Schlunegger-Warner

Growth/Decay was co-curated by Susannah Kelly and Neil Perry of Antler Gallery with Sara McCorriston and Jason Chen from Paradigm Gallery. Both Galleries were started by artists and enthusiasts that wanted to create a space for building community and showing the work of emerging artists. Growth/Decay was a great opportunity for artists to gain exposure in a new city and broaden their network of fellow emerging and established artists.  I believe it is also a good push for galleries to show work by new artists and reengage viewers by refreshing their rosters. While I still loved pieces by artists that both galleries had shown before, I was personally delighted to learn about Michelle Konczyk’s stunning works in watercolor, as well as Nick Pedersen’s surreal digital environments. I am looking forward to seeing this model used more in galleries across the country and internationally.

The opening at Antler drew a large crowd staying packed all evening for Alberta St.’s Last Thursday art walk in Portland. While attending the opening I had the opportunity to speak with the curators and a few of the artists visiting from Philadelphia.  Sara McCorriston explained to me that when the two galleries were conceiving the show, they needed to find a theme broad enough that could facilitate two pieces from all the artists. “We gave each other the opposite theme… I see Antler as more of a ‘growth’ gallery, and Paradigm leans more towards themes of decay… ”

The abundance of flowers and animals that were present in these artworks and previous exhibitions show the curators’ draw to artists working with themes of nature. This is certainly a true for Antler Gallery. David RiceChristina MrozikBrin Levinson, and Zoe Keller are just a few examples of artists that speak to artists’ connection with nature and their reaction to human led climate change. While still within the themes of nature, Paradigm generally seems to curate towards the breakdown, complexities, and the absurdities of being human in a natural world by bringing in artists like Drew LeshkoCaitlin McCormackNick Penderson and Jeremy Hush to their roster.

All of the works Growth/Decay can be viewed online and purchased through Antler Gallery & Paradigm Gallery

Press Release

Paradigm Gallery and Antler Gallery are excited to present a co-curated group exhibition which spans two themes and two cities, with an opening reception on each coast. Both galleries invited 16 artists, asking them to make two pieces tackling the themes of Growth and Decay.

We live in a time when progress and destruction — physical, economic, and sociological — seem to go hand in hand. This theme opens up space to consider the binary nature of the world we live in. The theme was selected as we felt it was universal enough to be explored by the vast majority of artists yet also offered a distinct duality which fulfills the desire to open different shows in each city. Both aspects of the theme needed to be cohesive with the other but also be able to stand alone as its own show in isolation, as all of the “Growth” works will be on display in Philadelphia at Paradigm Gallery and all of the “Decay” works will be on display at Antler Gallery in Portland, with openings less than one week apart. The works may be viewed as stand alone pieces, but many also serve as diptych works.​

Opening in Portland – Project Pear

Project p:ear a benefit group exhibit supporting p:ear
Opening reception: Friday December 4th, 6-10pm
 second floor of the Urban Row building at 305 SE 3rd Ave., Suite 202, Portland, OR

Artists Featured:
Aaron Nagel – Augustine Kofie – Ben Kehoe – Bill McRight – Brian Donnelly – Brin Levinson – Caitlin Hackett – Carne Griffiths – Casey Gray – Christine Wu – David Rice – Deedee Cheriel – Erik Mark Sandberg – Godeleine de Rosamel – Jay Riggio – Jaclyn Alderete – Jeff P. – Jen Lobo – Jeni Yang – Jesse Hazelip – Jillian Dickson – John Casey – John Felix Arnold III – Judith Supine – Kathy Osborn – Kelly Allen – Kevin Earl Taylor  – Ki Sung Koh – Korin Faught – Kristen Liu Wong – Lauren Napolitano – Lauren YS – Mako Miyamoto – Michael Alm – Michelle Guintu – Mike Lee – Mike Stilkey – Mel Kadel – Monica Kim Garza – Neil M Perry – Quam Odunsi – Ryan Bubnis – Sergio Garcia – Shawn Huckins – Souther Salazar Susannah Kelly – Tenderloin Television – Thomas Robson – Vanessa Foley – Yellena James – Zio Ziegler

This holiday season, Stephanie Chefas Projects in collaboration with p:ear, a Portland non-profit that mentors homeless youth are delighted to announce a benefit group exhibit titled Project p:ear. Featuring works from an array of over 40 artists, Project p:ear celebrates the creativity of the human spirit and our inherent drive for self expression. From Aaron Nagel’s contemporary realism to the intuitive paintings of Zio Ziegler, each participating artist delivers a distinct voice for art lovers to experience. In addition, 20% of all proceeds from the exhibit will be donated to p:ear programs.
p:ear is a program dedicated to building positive relationships with homeless and transitional youth through education, arts, and recreation. Their aim is to foster trust, enable stability and build self-esteem by teaming troubled young people with role models and instructors for years at a time.

The organization targets youth who are frequently deemed as ‘hopeless cases’ by society at large, and believes that through intensive guidance their students can shine as bright as anyone else, if not brighter. One of p:ear’s core philosophies is to inspire through creativity, thereby providing young people with the tools to express themselves constructively. For more information, visit

Stephanie Chefas Projects is located on the second floor of the Urban Row building at 305 SE 3rd Ave., Suite 202 in Portland, Oregon. Project p:ear opens to the public Friday, December 4th from 6-10pm.

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