Gathering: Meet Chris Vogel

Abrams Claghorn Gallery
1251 Solano Ave, Albany, California 94706

​Showing July 5 – August 31, 2017
Recption: Saturday July 15, 5 – 7 pm
Artist Talk: Saturday August 12, 5 – 7pm

Chris Vogel comes to Venison’s first retrospective group exhibition for Summer 2015 when we interviewed Chris Vogel. He also joined us for our first Venison Camp, an adult art professionalism mini-residency program in 2016. We are so happy Chris will be joining us for another Venison First! Come out and celebrate with us, this Saturday July 15th 5-7pm

Artist Statement:

​Extending dexterity to the limits of my imagination has always driven me to create and design. A Lego kid at heart, my understanding of the today’s world has drastically expanded beyond the perception of my own five senses. The tools and media providing boundless information and interconnectedness are continually redefining the parameters in which I live my life, hence shaping my craftsmanship. Navigating between digital and analog dimensions, my art comes from a place flirting with the singularity and the cyborg but treacherously clinging to the organic and innate. My art celebrates the tug of war between these two dimensions. These pieces have become artifacts of a thinking process…