Iconic Visions- Felicia Gabaldon @Campfire gallery

While working as a panel and stretcher-bar maker at Faultline Artspace, I run into Felicia Gabaldon pretty often. I’ve been noticing her in the studio more often gearing up for her upcoming 2 person show, Blue Skies, opening June 13th at Campfire Gallery.  Gabaldon’s work draws from the imagination, both a mythical and mystic part of human experience in the natural world. Her work is experienced through cultural and folkloric content, expressing the wonders of nature realized through iconic symbols and tradition.
“Iconic Visions” is a series of paintings that call to mind a nostalgic illustration of the natural beauty and patterns of the American Southwest. These paintings narrate Felicia Gabaldon’s story of her identity as an American Indian with both Spanish and Mexican heritage. Informed by utopian visions and typical representations of her homeland, Gabaldon’s work represents a distant reverence of self-discovery, culture, and historical elements through romanticized desert landscapes and mythic figures.
Be sure to catch Felicia at her two person show, Blue Skies, with Larissa Grant at Campfire Gallery this Month.
The opening of the show with a reception for the artists will be held on Saturday, June 13, 7-10 pm and the show runs June 10th through July 5th.Gabaldon is from Santa Fe, NM. She currently resides in Berkeley, CA and is a resident artist at Faultline Artspace in Oakland, CA.

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