Which technological processes make it possible to produce high quality metal parts?

Metal parts, due to their outstanding physical and mechanical properties, have found widespread use in industries such as engineering, aviation, military and other industrial applications. Manufacturing of such parts requires high precision, as making changes to the finished product is usually almost impossible. Production of metal parts today is carried out in fully automated metalworking plants, where each stage is controlled by an operator and computer to maximize the reduction of acceptable defects.

Various processing methods make it possible to transform a metal blank into a complete part, while maintaining the original properties of the material. For this purpose, multifunctional CNC machines are used, which precisely follow the parameters specified in drawings and sketches.

The basis of any technology is CNC manufacturing of parts

Modern technology based on computer control allows to achieve high accuracy in the identity of copies in the production of metal products, which is especially important in the manufacture of bulk batches. As an example, we propose to consider how the production manufacturing of metal parts at MAGNET takes place. Operators program the machines, setting a clear sequence of actions based on the analysis of the drawing and taking into account the properties of the metal workpiece. The equipment automatically performs all processes from measuring to machining. Production of metal parts on a CNC machine provides:

  • automatic change of attachments and tools;
  • precise measurement of angles and rotation of workpieces;
  • selection of the required machining axis.


All this happens under minimal human supervision, which controls only the process of the machine. This approach not only speeds up production, but also significantly reduces its cost, as it reduces energy consumption, human labor costs due to minimization of the personnel involved and the amount of waste.

In addition to mass production, CNC part manufacturing is also effective for creating unique, one-off orders. Complex projects may require integration of several machines into a single program chain, which allows to perform complex processing with the participation of only one operator.


Order metal products according to drawings: which metalworking methods are most often in demand?

Modern technologies make it possible to manufacture custom metal parts using various processing methods. The market can offer such technologies for the production of parts from metal:

  • High-precision laser cutting – used to work with metal sheets including aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. The laser melts or vaporizes the metal to produce complex contours with high precision.
  • Metal Bending – used to create products from bent sheet metal parts, such as device housings, protective covers, or furniture made from profiled tubing.
  • Welding – a method of joining various metals, including steel and aluminum, with a guarantee of reliability, strength and aesthetics of the joints.
  • Turning and milling works – provide high precision and complexity of processing from a voluminous metal workpiece due to the use of cutting cutters of different types.
  • Drilling of metal – performed with the help of special drilling machines that ensure the exact compliance of the size of the drillings with the design standards.

Thanks to this variety of technologies, it is possible to produce almost any flat and volumetric products to order. Many companies on the market are true professionals in their field, so it is worth contacting them for professional guidance if there are questions about choosing the most appropriate method for your project.

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