Annapurna Base Camp Trek vs. Everest Base Camp Trek:

Nepal is presumably home to the most astonishing Himalayas on earth. Take, for example, the way that eight of the ten most elevated tops on the planet are tracked down in Nepal.

A large number of individuals see Nepal as the home of Mt. Everest, the most imperative mountain on earth. Everest, then again, is only one of Nepal’s 866 mountain names. 

In actuality, Annapurna Central Command and the Everest Base Camp Trek excursion are the most notable in Nepal. Everest and Annapurna Base journeys have been presented by Disclosure World Traveling for over 10 years.

Despite the fact that Annapurna Base and Everest Base each have their own character and assets, this article will look into the terms, cost, trouble level, features, arrangement, food, culture, and different parts of these journeys.


This one is extremely undeniable. You can make an excursion to the Everest region or Annapurna locale shorewards, but it isn’t down to earth to show up at Everest Central Command through land. 

Nearly everybody goes via plane from Kathmandu to Lukla, where they start their journey and steadily advance toward Everest Base.

The flight is about forty minutes long. In the event that you are in a rush or genuinely ill-equipped, you can constantly book a helicopter visit to EBC.

 The Annapurna region is fully accessible from the shore. The transport follows the Prithvi Interstate and will require about seven hours to arrive at Pokhara. 

In any case, you can likewise require a 20-minute trip to Pokhara from Kathmandu. Pokhara is the vacation capital of Nepal, and the city is a lot bigger than Lukla or even Namche Marketplace in the Khumbu locale.

Trip duration

The standard Annapurna Base Camp Trek length is 110 km, while the Everest Base is 130 km. In this way, Annapurna Base is more limited than Everest Base. In any case, you can finish both of these journeys across various courses, which can adjust the quantity of days you will expect to finish these trips.

The traditional Everest Base Camp trek lasts fourteen days, but you can finish it on a helicopter if you want to. Ama Dablam, Cho Oyu, and Mt. Makalu (8,463 m) You have the choice to visit the unbelievable Gokyo Lakes.

On account of the Annapurna you can finish the climb in just seven days or upwards of 27 days. Other significant courses in the Annapurna locale are remembered for longer journeys to Annapurna Base The Annapurna Circuit and other noteworthy locations like Tilicho Lake and Muktinath may be included in the route.

Difficulty level

Annapurna (ABC) lies at 4,130 m. This is additionally the most noteworthy height you will reach during the ABC journey. However, Everest Base Camp is located at 5,364 meters, and Kala Patthar Viewpoint at 5,555 meters is the summit of the EBC trek. Most adventurers arrive at Kala Patthar to partake in the awesome early morning sightings. Treks higher than 5,000 meters are typically regarded as difficult.

 Consequently, the Everest journey is considerably more testing than the Annapurna Base journey. Higher heights mean lower oxygen levels, and climbs become exceptionally thorough.

Cost differences

Your individual preferences will determine how much money you spend on your trips. In any case, as EBC journeys are more remote and last longer, you can securely expect that the ABC journey is moderately less expensive.

 As a guideline, the higher you get, the greater the expense of food and convenience. The specific trip cost likewise contrasts as per the journey bunch size. Discounts may be increased for larger parties.

Regions to trek Everest Base Camp treks begin at 2860 meters and ascend to 5,364 meters at Everest Base Camp. As a result, flying to Lukla will elevate you significantly. In any case, as Annapurna’s journey starts at Pokhara (820 m), you will partake in the scene and vegetation change as you journey higher.


In the ABC journey, you will see the subtropical backwoods gradually giving way to a high landscape. On the way, you can see multiethnic villages and dense jungles. The Magar, Gurung, and Thakali villages are clearly distinct.

 Subsequently, if you love variety and need to get a glimpse of what commonplace Nepal is about, the Annapurna Base journeys ought to be more interesting to you.