How to decorate your outdoor composite decking?

Decks built with composite decks can instantly transform a backyard from an expansive garden to a small home site. If you plan to use your deck as an additional living space, it is crucial that you choose the right materials and design it with care.

You may be eager to get started on your outdoor project in order to get out of your stuffy room and into the fresh air. However, with so many deck ideas and outdoor designs available, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Before you begin your outdoor deck project, read on for inspiration on how to make the most of your composite deck.

Ways to create a patio oasis with composite decking

Maybe you just bought a house and your outdoor space leaves a lot to be desired. Or maybe your original deck is showing damage and it’s time for an upgrade. Check out these several ways to upgrade your outdoor deck immediately and learn how composite decking can upgrade your space.

1. building a composite deck over concrete

Home builders and savvy DIY enthusiasts often have no choice but concrete when they want to avoid using wood in their outdoor areas. Concrete’s durability is great, but there’s not much else to it.

A worn, chipped or cracked floor can become an unsightly focal point and a maintenance nightmare. Concrete can also be uncomfortable when the temperature is too high or too low. Installing composite decking over concrete can instantly add safety, and comfort to a space. Allowing you to make the most of your outdoor area all year round.

2. Extend the deck to the pool area

With composite decking, your pool deck won’t be hot, unsightly and slippery. It offers non-slip, heat-reflective properties, a wide range of designs to suit any pool and an affordable price. That’s why composite material is perfect for pools, with hidden fasteners that prevent nails from sticking out and injuring bare feet. And the pool features will allow you and more enjoyable time.

3. Match your deck furniture with composite decking

Beautifying an outdoor space can be difficult even for the most experienced home decorator. Composite decking is the perfect way to tie areas together. It also provides you with a wealth of inspiration to better design the color, look, and layout of your furniture.

For example composite decking is paired with water features and vibrant green gardens to give a natural green look. In this case, composite deck allows traditional decor to blend perfectly with modern furniture, giving an overall feeling of harmony and beauty.

4. Create an outdoor barbecue area

Composite material is strong and durable enough to withstand the weight of the grill and all your guests. composite deck products have good flame-retardant properties that reduce the flammability of the ashes. So you can grill with complete confidence that the composite material can withstand high temperatures. Composite boards are easy to clean and can withstand any accidental spills.

5. Design a space for your heater

You’ve probably heard a lot of news about the ability of composite boards to withstand the hot sun. But you may be wondering if composite boards can be used with a deck heater. After all, you wouldn’t want to give up using your outdoor space during the colder months. The good news is that when properly installed, it’s perfectly safe to install a heater on a composite deck.

6. Incorporate plants into your deck design

Plants can instantly add comfort and appeal to your outdoor deck. Connect your deck space with nature and add variety to your space. Add flower beds, raised planters, or hanging vines to create a stunning space.

7. Add a modern fence or railing

Deck railings can have a wonderful impact on the look of your space and provide practical functionality for family and friends. Consider replacing old, traditional wood railings and reinstalling composite railings to create a contoured outdoor space.

8. Consider different patterns

With composite material, your outdoor space no longer needs to be wood or concrete, and the floor no longer needs to be vertical. Consider decking in a herringbone pattern for a modern and sophisticated look that creates more contrast in your space.

9. Choose a lighter color palette

The beauty of Composite deck products is the wide range of colors and styles you can choose from. No matter what size you’re going with, lighter-colored decking will create a spacious feel while avoiding the stuffy feeling underfoot that darker-colored decking can create in the summer.

10. Add deck lighting

Proper lighting is essential to creating a cozy living environment. After you’ve planned the decorative details of your outdoor space, consider installing lighting under the composite deck, on the steps, or even around the roof to create the most welcoming space possible.

11. Create different areas

Composite decking is not just for flat spaces. Install steps, posts, and different heights or borders around the deck to create a uniform look. And create links between different areas within the garden. This can be the perfect solution for those who want to frame a garden focal point such as a swimming pool or vegetable patch.

12. Make room for activities

Today, houses are used for a wide range of purposes, from home office areas to fitness facilities or spaces for children to play. Optimizing the use of outdoor areas by adding shade and using composite materials to round out dedicated work, play and entertainment areas can make your home more functional and balanced than ever.