How to Download Twitter Video to Computer :a guide for finding best Twitter video downloader 

Tired of Twitter videos playing only in your browser or app? Want an easy way to cache copies on your computer? There are several ways to download Twitter videos to your computer. One way is to use online Twitter video downloader tools if you don’t have any plugins installed.

How to download video from Twitter to computer

There are some options in points:

  1. Use an online Twitter video downloader tool. Tools like xgifdownloader allow downloading videos directly from Twitter with just a few clicks.
  2. Install a browser extension video downloader. Extensions for Chrome/Firefox like DownloadVideoFromTwitter let you download any Twitter video straight to your computer.
  3. Use a desktop app downloader. Apps like twittervideodown (Windows/Mac) and 4K Stogram (Mac) can download Twitter videos efficiently from within the app interface.
  4. Screen record the video playback. You can use a screen recording tool to record your screen while playing the Twitter video and save it as a file.
  5. Search and download from a third-party site. Some tube sites will let you search for Twitter videos and provide a direct download option. However, permissions need to be considered.

If no Tools or Plugins

If you don’t have any dedicated Twitter video downloader tools or browser plugins installed, here are some options to still download videos:

  1. Screen record the video playback using a screen recording software like FlashBack Express (Windows) or QuickTime (Mac). This will record your screen as a video file.
  2. Copy the video URL from the Twitter share link and paste it into a download helper site like youtube-dl or xgifdownloader. These sites can extract the video even without plugins.
  3. Right click on the video playback window and check if any “Save Video” option exists in the context menu. Some browsers have basic built-in video download functions.
  4. Use development tools like inspect element in Chrome/Firefox to look for the direct video source link and URLs. Copy and paste the actual video file URL to download it.
  5. Search the video on third-party sites like or and download from there by pasting the Twitter video URL.

How to Download your own Twitter Videos

Step Action
1 Login to your Twitter account 
2 Click on the icon at the top right of the page
3 Select “Videos” from the menu that appears
4 Locate the video which you want  from your video library
5 Click on the three dot menu icon above the selected video
6 Choose “Download” from the options menu
7 Select the video quality and format before clicking “Download”
8 The downloaded video file will be saved to your Desktop or Downloads folder by default

How to Download private Twitter Video to Computer

 Downloading private Twitter videos that are not publicly shared requires using a dedicated Twitter video downloader. There are the steps:

  1. Choose a downloader that is known to support downloading private videos like xgifdownloader, Twittervideodown or twittervideodown.
  2. Go to the profile page of the Twitter user who shared the private video.
  3. Locate and play the private video you want to download.
  4. Open the downloader software and login using your Twitter credentials.
  5. The downloader should detect and list the private video which you just played.
  6. Select the video and click on the download button within the downloader interface.
  7. Choose the video quality and format options before starting the download.
  8. The private Twitter video will start downloading and be saved on your computer.
  9. You can now watch the downloaded private video locally without an internet connection.

The Best Twitter video downloader for PC/Mac


xgifdownloader provided a simple, hassle-free way to download videos from YouTube and many other sites right in your browser. Features like scheduling bulk downloads and ad-free playback made it really convenient. It’s a shame they’re discontinuing service here due to copyright issues.


  1. Easy to use online interface without software installation
  2. Supports downloading private videos
  3. Allows batch downloading of multiple videos simultaneously
  4. Provides preview option before downloading
  5. Works fast to save videos in various formats and quality


  1. Being a web app, it requires internet connection to download
  2. Some features like playlists are only available in paid version
  3. No option to download commentary or captions

Operation flow:

  1. Go to xgifdownloader and login using Twitter
  2. Paste or search for the required Twitter video URL
  3. Select the download format, quality and location
  4. Hit the big blue download button to save video


twittervideodown is a free and open source desktop app specifically designed for downloading Twitter videos. It has a clean and intuitive interface for browsing and downloading videos from your Twitter profile or any public page.


  1. Dedicated downloader with simple one-click downloads
  2. Works offline by saving login details
  3. Allows bulk selection of multiple videos at once
  4. Sort videos by date, type, quality for easy browsing
  5. Automatically downloads HD quality for best experience


  1. Only available for Windows and Mac desktops
  2. Free version has popup ads while downloading
  3. Limited support for customizing download settings

Operation flow:

  1. Download and install twittervideodown on your computer
  2. Login with Twitter on the app
  3. Browse videos and select ones to download
  4. Click bulk download button to save selections
  5. Videos are downloaded in the background automatically


Twittervideodown offers a simple and hassle-free way to save Twitter videos to your device. It works across Windows, Mac and Linux machines. The lightweight app requires just a URL to painlessly extract videos from over 1000 sites, including the popular social network.


  1. Works on Windows, Linux, Mac simultaneously
  2. Supports pause/resume of broken or interrupted downloads
  3. Auto scheduling of bulk/playlist downloads overnight
  4. Built-in media player to preview files before saving
  5. Option to download streaming videos without compression


  1. Grants full access to browser data on sign in
  2. No direct Twitter login, needs page URL instead
  3. Many options can be confusing for beginners

Operation flow:

  1. Install Twittervideodown on your system and sign up
  2. Paste the Twitter video URL or search directly
  3. Set format, location and start download instantly
  4. Or schedule downloads for later according to options

4K Stogram

4K Stogram is primarily an Instagram downloader but also supports downloading videos from Twitter. It allows saving videos in high resolution 4K formats for quality playback on mobiles and desktops.


  1. Specifically designed for high quality 4K/UHD videos
  2. Clean interface optimized for macOS systems
  3. Ability to download multiple videos simultaneously
  4. Extra features to backup Instagram stories


  1. Only compatible with macOS, no Windows version
  2. Limited format support compared to dedicated downloaders
  3. Lacks any options to customize format/quality

Operation flow:

  1. Search and open 4K Stogram app on Mac
  2. Login with Twitter/Instagram profile
  3. Browse videos and click download button
  4. Select location and wait for 4K download

4K Video Downloader

This tool focuses on downloading videos online in high resolution 4K format. It can download Twitter videos in the best quality.


  1. Specialized in high quality 4K/Ultra HD formats
  2. Support for multiple social platforms including FB
  3. Intuitive interface with bulk scheduling options
  4. Maintained regularly for compatibility updates


  1. Basic version is limited to 5 concurrent downloads
  2. Premium required for all advanced features
  3. Learning curve for new users to controls

Operation flow:

  1. Open 4K Video Downloader and login
  2. Paste or search Twitter video link
  3. Select format, location and start download
  4. Or schedule/queue downloads overnight

Free Twitter Video Downloader

As the name suggests, this is a free and open source Windows desktop app focused only on downloading Twitter videos.


  1. Dedicated lightweight Twitter video downloader
  2. Works without login by directly entering video URLs
  3. Saves to computer in common MP4 format
  4. Regular updates by developers community


  1. Very basic feature set without login
  2. Only supports standard definitions formats
  3. No options for customizing quality/format

Operation flow:

  1. Download and install the app from sourceforge
  2. Run the software and paste video URL
  3. Select download location and start download
  4. Videos saved in default low quality mp4 format


FlashGet is a popular multi-functional download manager software that has been effectively used for Twitter video downloads as well.


  1. Powerful download manager software with browser plugins
  2. Resume/schedule/queue downloads smoothly
  3. Extract download links from most sites seamlessly
  4. Works fast with maximum possible speeds


  1. Steep learning curve for complex interface
  2. Occasional compatibility issues
  3. Distracting ads in free version

Operation flow:

  1. Install FlashGet and add browser extension
  2. Navigate to Twitter video in browser
  3. Right-click video and copy flashget link
  4. Paste link in FlashGet and download


This is a simple Chrome extension that provides a one-click solution to download public Twitter videos.


  • Dedicated browser extension for easy downloads
  • Downloads videos directly into default folder
  • Very lightweight without installing complex software


  • Only works on Chrome browser
  • Limited to public Twitter videos
  • No options to customize format/quality

Operation flow:

  1. Install the extension from Chrome Web Store
  2. Browse to any public Twitter video
  3. Click the extension icon and select download
  4. Video saves in default mp4 format to downloads

Which is the Best Twitter Video Downloader for PC ?

While all the options mentioned above work well, some stand out as the top choices based on the following factors:


  1. Very easy to use web interface without software installation
  2. Supports downloading private and public videos effortlessly
  3. Allows bulk and scheduled downloads for multiple videos
  4. Provides good output formats and quality encoding options
  5. Regular updates keep it compatible with Twitter


  1. Dedicated and trusted Windows/Mac desktop application
  2. Intuitive UI optimized for browsing Twitter videos
  3. Saves login credentials for quick access later
  4. Works offline after downloading needed video data
  5. Open source and freely available without ads or payments


  1. Highly customizable settings for formats, quality and tasks
  2. Supports pause/resume of broken downloads
  3. Appreciated for stability and compatibility
  4. Backed by large developer community
  5. Works smoothly across different platforms

User reviews and experiences

To get a real sense of how these Twitter video downloaders perform, here is a summary of user reviews and experiences:


  • xgifdownloader praised for effortless downloads and reliable quality
  • twittervideodown users happy with clutter-free interface and one-click function
  • Twittervideodown appreciated for good support and constant updates

Black Points:

  • FlashGet learning curve frustrates some new users
  • 4K Video Downloader premium ads annoy free users
  • Browser extensions limited to public videos only

Bugs and Issues:

  • Free version of twittervideodown shows too many ads
  • Twittervideodown occasional crashes reported on Linux
  • Connection issues using xgifdownloader behind restricted networks


  • xgifdownloader rated fast to extract and save videos
  • Twittervideodown found quicker than browser downloads
  • twittervideodown performance depends on file size and specs

Customer Support:

  • Twittervideodown, FlashGet provide 24/7 live chat assistance
  • twittervideodown, 4K Video Downloader responsive on official forums
  • xgifdownloader responds fast to emails for paid accounts

Main Tips and Tricks about TikTok Video Downloader

  • Use a dedicated downloader app/site for best results rather than workarounds. This allows features like playlists, formats options etc.
  • Check download limits and policies of the tool. Some only allow personal use downloads or limit concurrent downloads.
  • Login with TikTok account for access to private videos. Tools need account details to download restricted clips.
  • Set download quality properly. Higher resolutions like 1080p consume more space but provide better playback quality.
  • Use ID tagging to download multiple videos simultaneously with just their IDs rather than URLs. Faster bulk downloads.
  • Utilize playlists for scheduled overnight downloading of entire liked videos or follows lists.
  • Extract audio only from videos for songs. Useful for music downloads without the visuals.
  • Optimize format to MP4 for universal device compatibility instead of specialized codecs.
  • Keep downloads organized neatly in folder structure by username, hashtags etc. for easy access later.
  • Check download history and resume broken/stucked downloads to recover progress instead of restarting.
  • Update tools regularly for compatibility with constant TikTok interface changes and improvements.


  • Can private videos be downloaded?
    • Yes, tools like xgifdownloader and Twittervideodown allow downloading private videos visible to your Twitter account.
  • Which format is best to download?
    • MP4 format is recommended for universal device playback support over specialized codecs. However, tools also allow RAW format for original quality.
  • Is it legal to download Twitter videos?
    • Downloading public Twitter videos for personal use is generally considered legal. However, it violates Twitter policies and copyright if used commercially.
  • What is the best quality to download at?
    • At least 1080p HD quality is recommended to maintain clarity. 4K if the original was uploaded at that resolution. Depend on internet speed and storage space.
  • Can multiple videos be downloaded at once?
    • Yes, advanced tools like twittervideodown and Twittervideodown support bulk/playlist selection for downloading several videos simultaneously in one go.
  • What if the download fails?
    • Most download managers allow resuming broken downloads from the point it stopped. Otherwise, just re-download the affected videos.
  • Are the downloads safe without virus?
    • Trusted download tools are usually safe. But always scan downloads from less popular sources using antivirus before use.
  • Can audio only be extracted from videos?
    • Yes, some tools provide the option to download just the audio track from videos without the visuals.

Last Say

In conclusion, Twitter video downloader tools make it extremely simple to save your favorite videos from Twitter to watch offline. Always choose trusted and frequently updated apps like xgifdownloader for best results without privacy or security concerns. With a reliable downloader, you now have easy access to a treasure trove of video content from Twitter on your computer.