Parinya Champ

Parinya Champ (b. 1984, Manhattan) is a Los Angeles based  visual artist and source-field researcher. I met him at a group show in downtown Los Angeles. What convinced me most to reach out to him was the reaction of the audience to his work, at the show. We weren’t all just in awe; we all felt something when looking at Champ’s works. Flooded with emotion and questions, I had to find out more.

I saw Champ’s works at MODule, a group show curated by Elizabeth Carranza, held at Art Share LA in January.  His works, Landscapes of the Hyperspace, stirred up the audience on an emotional level. It brought wonder and joy to the viewers. Almost ineffable but absolutely visible. I was super excited to finally get a chance to hear about these pieces that are, admittedly a bit intimidating, but inviting nonetheless. Our scheduled studio visit turned into a four hour discussion, which I could not be more appreciative of. Here is one of a few first looks into his latest works!

His studio is neatly kept. When you walk in, the first thing you notice is a small space well laid out. His aesthetic is apparent all over. When you see his work, you understand his environment and vice versa. Colors, angles, furniture arranged to utilize space in the most efficient ways. it’s by far the most inviting and organized studio I’ve ever seen.

​“The psychedelic space is marred with introspective stupefaction. Within these sacred alcoves of hyperspace, depth and dimension truly open up into a kaleidoscopic field of infinitude only to collapse back into itself resting at an annulled singularity—a simulacrum into consciousness that can never be solidified yet stands beyond space and time as having omnipresent existence.These are the psychonautic voyages to the furthest reaches of human consciousness—tipping past event horizon reaching into the realm of what Terence McKenna refers to as The Transcendental Object at the End of Time—this is the embodiment of the Tao—a place of utter ineffableness reverberating to a soundtrack of awed shear silence.

We can only bring back from this dimension futile glimpses of what gold dust has ignited within our imaginations—a lackluster annunciation to the crown of god—the impossibility of death at the moment of its surrender. We re-remember a time so familiar yet so distant, a paradox within ouroboros sending us on a tautological peregrination to the realm of seen and unseen.

The stillness of haunting silence glistens against a backdrop of scintillating jeweled opulence—a pinwheel sky dancing in fervent vibrancy to an alien world previously traveled on opposite ends of the eons of cyclical time. We endure the fortitude of wars fought along the meridian of mind and soul.

Only the brave dare to boldly traverse this splintered realm—a place where the mystics play—a mist covered peak in the holiest place of oneness.The Fleur de Lis—Flower of Life—it is found here radiating in existence. I have found the artifact of transcendence—the vehicle of the Rainbow Body. It is fashioned of a zillion eyes cascading through eternity, shifting, intersecting—the vesica pisces is born.”


Champ’s photographic paintings are made of mixed materials that mirror the images of his experience in Hyperspace, a higher dimensional realm of consciousness. The materials include various textured papers that are bold, bright and sometimes metallic. Folded or crumpled to create sharp edges, they shape into objects with multiple sides. When they are placed together, strategically unplanned, they create a bond that pushes it into forming an identity of its own. Additionally manifesting meanings of their own as they transition into physical form.

It is representative of the higher levels of consciousness that we all are capable of reaching. What Champ has done is given us the opportunity to see what it is like. Keep in mind, these are products of his journey in their most tangible form.

What you see here, is the essence of what he’s seen in this journey into the furthest reaches of human consciousness. Images that he describes as “vibrant psychedelic geometric abstractions. “His experience include visualizing Cathedral like shapes, geometric objects radiating with shine, and so much more.

These elaborate works are meant to represent the potential depths of a human being that reside within each and every one of us. His research is catalyzed by what we’re going to call, the war on consciousness. This war is about control over us, as people. So let’s ask, who has this power?

The tools used along with the previously mentioned materials, are a camera, a space in his studio with the needed lighting stands and his computer. Another very important tool is knowledge. His works are research based, let’s not forget. But how did he reach this higher level of consciousness? Through psychedelics. A key instrument in quickly reaching another dimension. When I say quickly, I mean in comparison to a life long practice in meditation. This isn’t as casual as I’m making it seem, either. There is fear behind stating things like this. One cannot just pop a psychedelic and boom there you are. This, too, takes practice, patience and faith. There are many avenues to reach this realm.

Champ’s curiosity resulted in some beautiful images that wake up inside. I noticed that it ignited familiarity in those who favored his works at this specific group show. Perhaps this level of consciousness resides in all of us. Perhaps we share this and can all meet there if we choose to.It takes a level of vulnerability and surrendering. A form of submitting to yourself. Unsurprisingly, we do this daily by practicing yoga, meditation and mindfulness. These are the transporting and healing instruments of our time.

Champ’s exploration begs us to question the things we see. What are we looking at? Why is it this way? Is there something beyond? Look a little bit closer, into the details of said object or ideology. ​Posing questions like these has directed him in his creative practice.

If any aspect of these photographs were manipulated even in the slightest bit, they would elicit a completely different meaning. There sits an important idea — the significance of each and every component in a thought model.