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Mary Grisey was born & raised in sunny California but learned how to weave and dye in 2008 at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she received her BFA in Fiber and Material Studies. In 2012 she took her art practice to Canada and received an MFA at York University in Toronto in 2014. Mary is Currently based out of Los Angeles, California. When she’s not creating jewelry, she is making installation art.

Check out our interview with Mary from Autumn 2015

Bryan Kring –  Books, Cards & Calenders

Bryan Kring is an Oakland-based book artist and graphic designer. His enchanting images and dark humored writing are often enhanced with interactive mechanisms that pull you into another world held in the palm of your hand. In Bryan’s Etsy shop you can find a menagery of beautifully crafted pop up books, short stories, tales of romance, and stories of discovery and adventure all letterpressed by hand. Be sure to check out his new hand printed (and very affordable) 2016 Calender and moveable diorama book, “Finding your Way”. When you turn the wheel a “little movie” plays inside the diorama!
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Ryan Martin – Fine Art Prints

Raised in LA and Orange County during the 80’s & 90’s, Ryan reflects back to remnants of both eras through creating artwork with vibrant color and exuberant floral elements. While his works hold minimal backstories, continually his work seems to brush upon a fleeting childhood, nostalgia, and the complex emotions of exploring adolescence. Ryan currently lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area where he attended the California College of the Arts.
​Check out our interview with Ryan from Spring 2015

Chris Mrozik – Fine Art Prints

Christina Mrozik has spent the majority of her life observing the natural world and the types of relationships that form within it. Having grown up on the Grand River in Michigan, she was inspired by it’s habitats at an early age. Blending the external world with her own understanding of the human condition has led to her distinct style, in which flora and fauna stand in, representing the simultaneous and often opposing matters of the human heart. She often draws with ink and marker on paper, adding bursts of color with watercolor and high pigmented acrylics. She enjoys working with arts education nonprofit groups, working collaboratively and reading other peoples favorite books. She is currently based in Portland, Oregon, though always midwestern at heart.​

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Amanda McCavour -Textile Workshops

 Amanda McCavour is a Toronto-based artist who makes drawings, installations and embroideries. Amanda uses thread as a mechanism for creating delicate three-dimensional “drawings” that explore the connections between textiles and the body. If you’re living in the or near the Toronto area be sure to take advantage of the amazing textile workshops Amanda has to offer. Head over to her online shop to learn more about her Digital Embroidery, Experimental Surfaces, Ribbon Scarves, and  ​Drawing with Wet Media workshops.

​​Check out our interview with Amanda from Spring 2015

John Peña – Artist’s Books

John Peña is a visual artist who has aimed to establish a routine where he connects with the world each and every single day, pointing out the ordinary moments you and I may not acknowledge as significant. Daily Geology, just one of his ongoing projects is a beautiful awakening to the little moments that give each day their personality. Each book contains every single drawing John made in 2014, and 2015

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​Check out our interview with John from Autumn 2015

Rebecca Reeves – Sculptures & Drawings

​Rebecca Reeves was born, raised and currently resides in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  Her system of living becomes the foundation for her work.  Reeves’s observations fuel the need to clean and organize in order to gain control over her environment.  In her current body of work, Reeves considers herself, the “Collector, Protector and the Keeper” of numerous family heirlooms.  Similar to the meticulously detailed Victorian human hair wreaths which represented the family tree; Reeves uses miniature furniture as representation for the objects in her home, her family tree. She obsessively cocoons the miniatures in thread in order to contain and preserve. Nearly, suffocating them in the process.​Check out our interview with Rebecca from Autumn 2014

Coco Sato – Origami Lamps & Kits

As an installation artist, art director and workshop leader, Coco Sato travels extensively to showcase her unique “Giant Origami” installations and run workshops at festivals and events.  Her innate feel for artistry and craftsmanship is evident in all of her projects. She makes hand-crafted objects that show soul and tell a story. Her work is deeply rooted in Japanese culture yet the simplicity of her designs makes them timeless and versatile – they could exist in any era.  Her store features origami style lamps and origami kits.

​Check out our interview with Coco from Summer 2015

Danielle Schlunegger-Warner – Sculptures

Danielle Schlunegger-Warner grew up amongst the shell shops and sand dunes of Ventura, CA. Inspired by natural history and the museums that house it, Danielle creates her own worlds within the context of historical dioramas, on both a massive and miniature scale. Her work presents a vision of exploration and conquest during the Age of Imperialism in the Americas, searching for the elusive and misguided promise of truly untouched lands from the perspective of naturalists, who are themselves invaders.  Danielle currently and lives and works from her home studio in Portland, Oregon.

Check out our interview with Danielle from Autumn 2014

Clare Szdlowski – Fine Art Prints

Clare Szydlowski is an Oakland-based printmaker and art educator. Her work in printmaking, alternative process photography and cut paper is concerned with the ways in which industrial processes, theories and terminology have shaped the North American landscape; both the physical world and the collective imagination. Clare is visually drawn to spaces that expose American dreams, desires, and hopes: industrial ruins, oversize discount stores, suburban developments, freeways–the hinterlands of American life.
Her recent screenprints feature suburban shadows taken from photographs.

​Check out our interview with Clare from Spring 2015

Jessica Tenbusch – Fine Jewlery

​Jessica Tenbusch was born in Metro-Detroit in 1984.  In her childhood, she was lucky to share her home with a multitude of other animals and hundreds of houseplants. Outside was always inside. She works with a variety of natural found materials and metal. Her work focuses on cycles and reverence of life and death and how all species interrelate to each other. She lives and works in Ypsilanti, Michigan, about 35 miles outside of Detroit. In 2014, she received her Masters of Fine Arts from Eastern Michigan University concentrating in metalsmithing. Her practice is located within Ypsi Alloy Studios, a 3D arts studio she helps run with two other local artists.
​​Check out our interview with Jessica from Spring 2016

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