Understanding Tire Blowouts: Common Causes and Preventive Measures

Having a tire blowout is a frightening experience for a driver. Encountering one on the road comes with a range of stress and driving issues. While the explosive sound of a tire blowout is scary itself, it can render the vehicle out of control if it happens while you are driving. This can lead to serious road accidents. There’s no point in underestimating the possibilities of tire blowouts. Only by understanding the common causes of tire blowouts can we prevent ourselves from such potential disasters. This can reduce the risk of tire blowouts and enhance our road safety significantly, but that’s not all. So, let’s dig deeper into the common causes and preventive measures we can take against tire blowouts.

Common Causes of Tire Blowouts


Under-inflation of tires is one of the major reasons for tire blowouts. That’s because under-inflated tires tend to generate excessive heat because of too much friction with the road surface. If this kind of excessive friction keeps on going, it’ll weaken the tire structure, leading to a blowout. To prevent such issues, regularly check tire pressure and ensure it’s in the optimal range.


Overloading a vehicle beyond its specified weight limit will put pressure on the tires excessively. That’s bound to increase the friction with the road surface, leading it to generate excessive heat and, in turn, can lead to a tire blowout. Make sure not to overload tires by taking extra weight on your vehicle.

Worn Out Tires

Tire health wears out over time. They have a limited lifespan, and the rate of wearing out depends on how often they are used, as well as the quality of the tire itself. Worn-out tires don’t have enough tread depth, which is crucial for the tires to be able to grip the road. Without enough tire depth, these tires generate too much heat and can lead to a blowout. Regular tire inspection and replacing worn-out tires will fix them. Make sure to install premium quality tires that last long. To make things easier, you can buy the best quality tires from NeoTires with a very affordable price range and prevent tire blowouts effectively.

Preventing Tire Blowout

Regular Maintenance

The best and easiest way to prevent tire blowouts is to maintain your tires on a regular basis. An efficient tire maintenance includes regularly checking for tire pressure, inspecting for wear outs, and also making sure the alignment of tires are optimal.

Say No to Overloading

Don’t overload your vehicle beyond its maximum weight load capacity. Doing so will undoubtedly put your car at risk for potential tire blowouts. Also, be mindful of weight distribution in your vehicle. You can maintain the maximum weight load and still cause a tire blowout if the weight distribution is not balanced.

Replace Old Tires

Don’t drive around with worn-out and old tires. It’ll put you and your vehicle at unnecessary risk of a tire blowout. Don’t wait for your tire to blow out; replace it. You have to inspect the tires regularly and replace them if they’re worn out. Always get better quality tires for your vehicles. Of course, getting better quality tires can be expensive. For that, NeoTires have your back. You can get the best quality tires with higher longevity at an affordable price range. You can have quality tires without breaking the bank and without compromising your tire health!

Bottom Line

By following our tips above, you can decrease the majority of chances for a tire blowout. Always maintain your vehicle tires and monitor tire pressure. Be mindful of your driving, maintain an even weight distribution and buy better quality tires for your vehicles. NeoTires always has your back for having quality tires at an affordable price range. Get yours today!

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